Breight Group’s Mechanical department focuses on end-to-end service delivery through implementation of effective operational planning, task optimisation, project management and staged work reporting.
Breight group provides a full range of mechanical services from material procurement, fabrication and installation services to ensure our clients project’s are managed from start to completion at the highest standard.

Mechanical Capabilities

  • Mechanical Services / Shutdown Maintenance and Project Execution

  • Coded Welding

  • Plasma and Oxy / Acet Cutting / Thermal Lancing / Arc Air-Gouging

  • Liner Replacements and Upgrades

  • Vibrating Screen Maintenance

  • Hard Skirt Maintenance

  • Chute Maintenance

  • Scraper Blade Change Outs and Refurbishments

  • Conveyor Pulley Replacements and Alignment

  • Conveyor Maintenance including Hard Skirts, Roller Frames and Rollers

  • Pipe-work Fabrication and Installation

  • Structural Integrity Assessments and Remediation Work

  • NDT (Non - Destructive Testing - UT, MPI, DPI

  • Industrial Blast and Painting

  • Design and Engineering

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Mechanical Team

  • Project Managers

  • Construction Managers

  • SMP Superintendent’s

  • SMP Supervisors

  • Project and Site Engineers

  • Qualified Fitters, Boilermakers and Pipe fitters

  • Coded Welders

  • NDT Technicians

  • Crane operators and Riggers

  • Skirt, Scraper and Roller Technicians

  • Blast and Painters

  • Poly-welders

  • Trade Assistants

  • Technical and Design Services

  • Electricians


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